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    Tamia Hardy

    hi my name is tamia hardy, my action steps are learning how to set up my weebly website for a creative idea God has put inside of me. I’m also trying to find the perfect keywords to sell products on ebay, i’m also getting my 21yr old son who’s a junior at the University of Albany into selling on ebay. I pray everything works well for him. he wants to be successful in life to, right now i’m his only mentor telling him nothing in life is hard. God has equipped us with His computer and its called a brain. Work your brain learn and don’t give up on yourself, because most importantly when you give up you are giving up on God. He will get the glory from my story. I thank you travis for your help.

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    Caleb Shelton

    Hey this is Caleb Shelton. My action steps for this weekend and next week is to brainstorm my idea for a product and continue to read module 2.

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    Caleb Shelton

    Now that I have found a potential niche. I am going to bear down and get this ball rolling.

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      Sounds good – let’s go!

      -Travis Peters, teaching Christians to lead a life of increase and purpose.

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