4 Ways to Make More Money from Your Drop Shipping Site

By September 21, 2016Dropshipping

When it comes to our online drop shipping businesses, there are a few strategies we can implement in order to maximize our profits per sale.

If we’re able to increase our income even a little bit per sale, then over time, this can mean a lot to your bottom line.

Today I’m going to hit on four simple strategies that you can implement quickly to your dropship business and hopefully gain a little bit of extra revenue this month.

  1. Provide an “after sale” coupon code that brings people back to your site quickly. The best way to do this would be after a customer makes a purchase, they get a confirmation email that their order was received.  In that email, you would thank them for their purchase and then add something along the lines of, “Thank you so much for your order. Here is a 10% coupon that you can use in the next 7 days on any of our xyz products.” Or if you have another site you’d like to cross-promote: “This coupon code is also good on our sister sites: here and here.” birchbox_abandon_cart_email
  2. Promote info guides and ebooks as an affiliate. Using sites like Clickbank.com you can become an affiliate for all kinds of info products in all kinds of niches. In this scenario, if you were to sell, let’s say animal traps, you could upsell them an ebook that teaches you the best type of bait to use in your traps, or the best techniques on how to set your traps successfully. (There are ebooks on everything – don’t worry) Implementing this could add a few extra bucks to your income and provide a great value and service to your customers as well.
  3. Upsell Add-Ons. This would of course be products that complement your core offer. Does your product have a carrying case available? AFTER the customer orders your main product, give them the option to add on the carrying case for an extra $25. If you sell leather bags, you could upsell some leather conditioning oil for $8…Be creative, make sure you add value and it’s something that makes your core product better when this is added to it. case-small
  4. Upsell Intangibles. This would include upselling to “same day shipping” for an extra $15. Or perhaps overnight shipping. You could also provide a 6 month part replacement warranty, or an extended 1 year warranty for an extra $47. (Contact your supplier to see how they handle this. Almost all of them provide something to this effect.)fastshipping

Those are just 4 quick ways you can add to your current revenue stream.

Now keep in mind, the goal here isn’t to “squeeze” more money out of people in a sleazy way. I’m talking about adding things that truly bring more value to your products and offers.

These are things that will make your buyer say, “Oh, good, yes I’ll be traveling with this a lot, the carrying case is perfect. It’s only $25, I’ll just add that on now.” Or “Perfect, I’m needing it fast, let me select one day shipping.” And, “This is my first time setting up an animal trap for my new pest removal service. I’ll grab this ebook guide that shows me exactly what to do.”

Do you see how this works?

Add value, add profits.

Now go put this to work on your drop shipping site!

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