Avoid the Drop Shipping Online Course SCAM

By December 19, 2016Dropshipping

Over the years in the midst of my ongoing entrepreneurial journey, I have purchased thousands upon thousands (upon thousands) of dollars worth of  online courses, products, and systems. One in particular was $2,000.

Seriously. I’ve bought a lot of them.

In fact, if you’ve been around Escape Your Day Job for any length of time you know that I’m a fan of purchasing information.

It’s like a shortcut to your success. Instead of learning from your own mistakes, you get to learn from the mistakes of others. People who are doing what you are wanting to do, and they show you how they did it.

I bring this up because I’m always fascinated with how many people out there are “leary” of people on the internet selling them “scams.”

I hear it several times a month from email subscribers wanting to know if I’m for real, or is this another scam.

But when I ask them for more info about these so called “scams” and what happened, they reply with one of these:

  1. Their momma’s cousin’s sister’s husband’s nephew’s roommate said he bought an online course and they took off with his money.
  2. They “tried” another online course, it didn’t make money for them like they thought it would, therefore it’s a scam.

But out of all the gajillion courses and products I’ve purchased online, do you know how many of them were actually scams?




Literally none of them were scams. 

They all offered systems, services and products that all work.

But after lots of conversations with people, I got to the bottom of this “scam” thing. I found out what was really going on.

The “scam” is that the person selling the course or product, made online entrepreneurship look too easy.

They didn’t set realistic expectations that you actually have to work your butt off to make this thing work!

Or you got so excited with the potential financial results, you forgot to factor in that it takes relentless determination and effort to build your business.

Now I’ve purchased several of these courses and found out that the particular style or method the person was teaching will absolutely work, IF you work their system.

Kind of like multi-level marketing, in the sense of yes, the system works, but do you really want to work that system?

How many people do you know that hear of an MLM company and then say, “Oh it’s just another one of those scams, another one of those pyramid schemes…”

I’ve heard that hundreds of times, yet I know several MULTI-MILLIONAIRES that built their business empires from MLM companies.

It’s obviously not a scam, you just thought it would be easier.

You tried it, failed, then quit.

(This is not a plug for multi-level marketing, I just want to point out this mindset to you)

An entrepreneur goes in with the mindset of, “I’m going to figure this out. I’m not going to quit until I get it to work.” – Those are the people who win.

Those are the people who reach financial freedom.

My definition of commitment is “entering a room with no exits.”

You enter into that room with no way out, committed to making your dropship business work, and you will.

It’s inevitable.