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    Hellloooo fellow escapees!

    Travis here, I apologize for the delay in getting back to some of you. We had a big women’s event at our church and my wife and I were over one of the departments, so we’ve been up there all week. It was a ton of fun and a lot of people got helped! God is good!

    So I’m back now, and I had the idea of doing a little bit of a round up, a re-cap if you will, from some of the escape your day job members and posting them in the video below so that we can all celebrate them, learn from them, and help them take the next step in their businesses.

    I put together this screen capture video below I think you’re gonna like.

    Inside the video you’ll find:

    • How Charlene added a new product and made a sale within a few hours.
    • Her tips and what we can learn from her action steps.
    • I do a website breakdown of Elise’s site where she sells wooden chandeliers.
    • I give her some pointers on how to convert browsers into buyers when you have a high ticket item.
    • And a website breakdown of Denice’s website offering unique wall clocks.
    • There’s a ton of other useful nuggets in there as well that will help you when it comes to your drop shipping site.

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

    Escape Your Day Job TV Episode 1:




    Quick takeaways from the episode:

    Charlene’s site: https://www.eupterrae.com/

    • She’s an action taker! She moves fast.
    • Don’t know how to do something? Don’t sit on your butt – go figure it out! Call people, ask questions, google it, post it in the community…Everything is figureoutable.
    • She experiments. Sold Alibaba stuff on Amazon, came up with her own designs, and packaging, figured out Amazon FBA process.
    • No fear, if it doesn’t sell on Amazon, she’ll get it sold at her farmer’s market, she’ll find a way!

    Screenshot from her super-fast sale:

    Elise’s site: http://www.woodenchandelierstore.com/

    Quick tips for Elise’s website breakdown:

    • Elise has a great niche – wooden chandeliers.
    • Since this is a high ticket item so you will need to build more trust and authority with your customer.
    • Needs more pictures. Email the supplier and ask them for more photos or where they could find more photos.
    • Once customers do buy, perhaps offer them an incentive to take photos and leave reviews.
    • Get testimonies if possible.
    • Remember, a $1,000 item is not an impulse buy. They’ll have to talk with their spouse, make get approval to buy this for their office, rearrange their budget…Basically, the customer will need to visit your site several times before they pull the trigger. Make sure you are building trust in them that whole time and they’ll buy from you.
    • Retargeting ads are great for high ticket items.

    Quick tips for Denice’s site: http://www.gizmoswallclocks.com/

    • More uniform descriptions.
    • Give the pictures the same look and feel.
    • Eliminate the “non-unique” clocks. Just keep the ones that will start conversations.
    • Add blog posts that showcase unique clocks and why you’d want one in your home.

    After you watch the episode, reply to this topic, congratulate Charlene, and let me know what you thought about the Escape Your Day Job TV concept!

    Did it help you?

    Did you learn from it?

    What would you like to see more of?

    What would be a great addition to the next episode?

    Watch the video then post your thoughts below!

    Talk soon.

    -Travis Peters, teaching Christians to lead a life of increase and purpose.

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    Thanks Travis,

    Great to hear your comments, and thanks for helping us with tips and tricks from your experience here.  I will say, drop-shipping is great, I’ve gotten success doing it and still have it going on, but you are right, taking action to try something “kind of” like it is some risk but risk that’s hedged, at least with my own scenario.

    Appreciate the kinds words, and big thanks for your encouragement!

    We can get there, fellow escapees 🙂  Long-term goal for me – pay our house we are building in as much cash as possible!


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      You rock Charlene! Keep it up!

      -Travis Peters, teaching Christians to lead a life of increase and purpose.

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    I enjoyed the website tips and all of the information shared in this episode.  Thanks!

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      Thanks Eric! I need to kick out another episode or two

      -Travis Peters, teaching Christians to lead a life of increase and purpose.

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