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    Charlene here,

    I just wanted to share, I have had my e-mail list for subscribers up since around January 2016.  Didn’t take any real action to get new sign-ups until around June 2016, since I was just focusing on selling on Amazon.  Well, I started around 100 subscribers in June, grew to around 389 this past week, and now this morning I see I have 404 subscribers.  Man, that is fast!

    I am super excited to see how fast I can reach 1,000 🙂

    May The Lord be praised!


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    Wow! Charlene that’s HUGE.

    Extremely fast growth.

    What has been your tactic there?

    How are you collecting emails, what service are you using, and what are you doing with the email list once you get them on there?


    -Travis Peters, teaching Christians to lead a life of increase and purpose.

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    Hey Travis,

    Happy to answer!  My e-mail service is MailChimp, as I prefer their platform over all others.  My tactic for collection is: one pop-up on my eCom store for getting e-mails, e-mail ask for at checkout on my store, and my blog has a newsletter sign-up.  Also, I have begun holding contests for new subscribers get a chance to win a free item in my store.  I have posted this over social media.

    Upon signing up, I have my e-mail series sent to subscribers explaining what my store is about, the blog, and a couple of product promotions.  I also encourage outreach in my e-mail series to gain more subscribers.

    Right now, my e-mail list has reached over 870 and it is 9/26.  So over doubling my size from my first post here!

    Hope this helps explain,



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    September final count,

    My e-mail list stands at 977 subscribers as of the end of the month.  That was more than double what I started with.  This was way larger growth than I had anticipated.

    Partial focus this week, I am attending a webinar this Thursday 10/6 on e-mail marketing with Anthony Morrison to learn how to create good e-mail series that will help subscribers feel more warm and involved with my e-mails.

    Will update again!


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      The email list is a bigger deal than most people realize. You’ll find some of your most loyal customers there, and they will want to buy from you again and again because they are such big fans of your products.

      -Travis Peters, teaching Christians to lead a life of increase and purpose.

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    Completely agree with you Travis,

    I think e-mail is a good way to not be overly dependent on ads, as that costs money.  That and I like seeing what people have to say on my blog when I re-direct from e-mails collected on my store.

    By the way, just checked today 10/5 to see how many subscribers I have.  Just got over 1,000 – 1,042 to be exact!

    Can’t believe it, I am so amazed 🙂


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    Yeah, I been looking up the same thing about gaining e-mail subs, seem like you can get a big boost in numbers by throwing contest

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