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Okay, now it’s time to get started on your first Dropshipping business


I want to get your money-making brain moving in the right direction.

As an exercise, I simply want you to think about, and maybe even write down your thoughts on the topics listed below:

1. Determine what you would like to sell online.

• Do you have a physical product you currently make? Birdhouses, baby
quilts, custom guitars, an invention?

• An information product, such as an online course, a “How to” ebook
perhaps? These can provide truly passive income!

• Are you passionate about a topic that you could teach others about, or
attract an audience/following?

2. Determine who your target audience is. Some things to
think about:

• Are they in college? Younger/Older?

• Disposable income, or is there money tight?

• Is the product a NEED, or a desire?

• The more “niche” you go, the better.

• One of my most successful businesses sells only to animal control
companies. You’ll base your marketing efforts off your ideal audience.

3. How much will you charge for your product or service?

• Are you offering a low end product to sell to the masses? (more sales, but
often more work)

• Or a high end product to sell to the elite? (less sales, but often more profit)

• There is a strategy that comes with pricing. You can run tests to see which
scenario works best for your demographic.

• In my experience, I have often sold MORE when I RAISED prices base on the perceived value of my product.

4. Determine what platform you would like to use to create
your website:

• There are plenty of free tools out there. I started my first online business
using and it was completely free. Squarespace, Wix, and
Shopify are great as well. (More on this in the next training email)

• WordPress is the preferred choice in the long run, but perhaps, depending
on your “tech level” you may want to start on weebly and later migrate to

5. How will you market your new business?

• Don’t worry if you don’t have a marketing budget. There are plenty of
ways to get the word out without spending a dime.

• SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what will help you rank higher in
Google for the key terms that your potential customers may be searching
for. Writing articles around your topic and keywords will help you achieve

• Facebook is a great way to gain free advertising, but also an even better
way to get the word out to your targeted audience if you spend a little bit
on advertising.

• PPC, or Pay-Per-Click ads are another great way to go. You can purchase
these ads through Google, Yahoo, and many other sites. They can help
you bring targeted traffic back to your site.

Got some ideas? Good!


You don’t have to have your idea completely nailed down yet. I just want you to be thinking along the right lines.

Watch this video below and I’ll show you how to drop ship your way to financial freedom:

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