Lesson 2: What Should I Sell?!

Alright! Welcome to lesson 2 of your quick start guide to creating a simple drop shipping business.

I always recommend to start your brainstorming process with something you already have some knowledge or experience in. 

Now it also helps to be passionate about that topic too. You don't have to be, but it really helps in the long run. If you are selling something you have no interest in, then you'll quickly run out of things to say about it, and your business can begin to feel like a burden. And that's not the goal here.

So I want you to start thinking along these lines:

What are you ALREADY an expert in?

Think about your day job, what do you do there? Do you see an opportunity, a problem you could solve, a way to make more sales or bring your company online?

Do you have a specialized knowledge in something?

One of our Escape Your Day Job Members realized at his factory day job that about 80% of their sales was just from one specific part. He also noticed there was only about 3 companies manufacturing this part and all the nation's sales came from those 3 companies.

And NONE of those companies sold the part on their websites!

He saw the opportunity that he could put this part online, and he would become the ONLY distributor to sell online in a multi-million dollar industry.

Nearly every person I talk to, we discover there is a way to bring something they already know a lot about, into the online dropshipping world.

So take a few minutes and make a mental note of all you do at your day job (or past day job) and look for opportunities.

Maybe you're a nurse and realize that your department goes through thousands of rubber gloves per day.

What if YOU found the hospital a less expensive supplier for those gloves? You could look at Alibaba.com, find out what your hospital pays for rubber gloves, and then sell them for a little bit less.

If they go through hundreds or thousands of gloves a day, that could be nice chunk of profit for you. Probably enough to even escape your day job!

I personally use websites like Alibaba.com to source products. They literally have every single product of any thing you can think of. It’s crazy.

AliExpress is their sister company. They often let you purchase in smaller quantities, so check them out too.

(Inside the Escape Your Day Job Course I teach extensively how to find, contact and source your products the right way)


You could also create products to sell:

  • Custom patio furniture
  • Handmade longboards
  • Leather bags
  • Artwork with cute/inspirational phrases
  • Custom kid’s clothing
  • Be creative!


Check out this diagram below. What do you have that falls in line with this?

on assignment 1.jpg

That’s what I want you to find, and help you get after it.

Don't sell yourself short here. Don't eliminate any ideas for dumb reasons like, "Oh there are so many other people doing XYZ, it's too crowded." OR "People wouldn't pay me for this, you can find it all free on the internet anyway..." yada yada.

It will shock you how many strange, unique, and different, (but still successful!) online businesses are out there.

I remember reading a case study of a guy who was making $3,000 A DAY profit from selling only crazy cat socks. Literally he had about 40 different sets of socks that had cat pictures all over them. Genius!

Having a business that puts you in your purpose is one of the most thrilling things on earth. When you find fulfillment and enjoyment (and hey, profits too!) in what you do, man there's no going back! (TRUST ME)

As you go about your day today, think on what you could START with.

Something simple, something you could get an online and start making just a little bit of money fast.

We call this your MVP or minimum viable product. The simplest form of your idea that you can launch FAST. Right now, speed is the key. (More on that later.)

I'm not talking an app, or crazy software, or a revolutionary idea that will change the entire internet (that can come later) - I'm talking about a simple product, like you can make cool smelling candles, or you can make custom cornhole boards, or supply rubber gloves for your work!

Pray about it. Ask God what business you should start. Let Him lead you.

If you want my help developing your idea or coming up with some action steps. Then click here and we can collaborate.

Keep your eyes on your inbox for our next lesson! You're doing great, stay excited and encouraged. We'll have you up and running in no time flat.

Let me know if you need anything,