Since I began my mission to help people escape their day jobs by creating a business and life they enjoy, I have repeatedly ran into people who make the following statement:

“My biggest problem is I just don’t have enough time to work on a side business right now.”



I don’t buy it.

So you’re telling me that you literally have NO idle time during your day?

You have absolutely NO time you could repurpose and use to advance yourself?

You’re telling me you don’t watch sportscenter, you don’t watch the bachelor, you don’t binge watch netflix at night, you don’t have lunch breaks, you don’t have a commute time to and from work, you already stay up late and get up early??

Look, I get it. You have a day job (or two), a spouse, kids, after school activities, church, responsibilities…we ALL do. We are all extremely “busy.”

But what I want you to do today is reevaluate HOW you are spending your time, and really explore the difference between “busy” and “productive.” Because they are NOT the same thing.

I’ve also received this email a time or two from my students:

“Hey Travis, I’d like to cancel the Escape Your Day Job course. The material is great, I just don’t have the time to go through it right now, thanks.”


Now, there’s absolutely no hard feelings, and I gladly and quickly cancelled his subscription to the Escape Your Day Job course and community. The fact that he wanted to cancel really doesn’t hurt me or affect me in anyway.

But here’s what bothers me:

IF not now, then when??

Life doesn’t get easier, life doesn’t slow down, you’re not going to wake up all of a sudden with absolutely nothing on your agenda and a completely clear schedule. Life doesn’t happen that way.

If you’re doing things right, as life progresses, you’ll have more on your plate than you do today. You will have more responsibility, more bills, more things to do, more kids, more LIFE…Am I right?

They way I’ve always seen it is RIGHT NOW is the best time to launch your business, dive into a course/community/coaching program and get after your dreams!

I’ve designed this course to be the easiest to follow and the most actionable course out there:

  • It’s streamlined. No fluff, just step by step what you need to know.
  • It’s full of action steps. There’s lots of video walkthroughs and what to do next. I remove the guesswork.
  • It’s SUPER affordable! The value provided between the course, walkthroughs, community support and coaching from me, FAR exceeds the price point

Basically, I’m saying it doesn’t get easier than this. You might as well do it now and change your future forever.

How to Make Time for This Course

Look, I get it. You’re married, you have kids, you have church, you have your day job, you have soccer practice and band rehearsals…

You’re crazy busy, so how are you going to add one more thing to the mix?!

I’ll tell ya how:

You’re going to make a mindset shift.

First off, STOP SAYING you don’t have time for this. You DO have time for this. If you’re going to make an excuse, you need to be honest with yourself.

The TRUTH is: You haven’t made time for this.

Just own up to it.

You’ve MADE time for everything else in your schedule. You’ve made time for netflix, sportscenter, and all your shows. Now if you really want to start a drop shipping business and create some big income, you’ll have to MAKE time for this. It’s not just going to magically appear.

In order to carve out time from your already busy schedule, you’ll have to evaluate the importance of your time.

You need to understand the difference between busy and productive.

Eliminate “busy” and focus on productive.

As you go along with your day, ask yourself: “Does this move my business forward?”

If the answer is no then you need to repurpose that time into something more productive.

Here’s the best places to start:

  1. When do you wake up? I know most of my readers have a day job when they start out. If you have to be at work at 8am then you need to be waking up at 5am. Yes, you heard me – 5am. You can get in a solid 2 hours of learning/implementation every single morning, and more on Saturdays. You just gained a minimum of 10 hours a week right there.

2. Your commute to work. The average commute is 30 minutes one way. That’s an hour a day you can repurpose by pulling up the course on your phone and listening to the videos and other podcasts that will teach you about online business. See this as “highway university.” You don’t need music right now, that doesn’t move your business forward. Right now you need knowledge. There’s an extra 5 hours a week.

3. Your lunch break. Even if you only have 30 minutes a day, go out to your car or get alone, put your headphones in and learn! You can be social later, right now you are in “advancement” mode. Let your colleagues stand still while you make progress. There’s 2.5 hours per week added.

4. After the kids go to bed. Normally you put your kids to bed at 9pm and then kick back on the sofa and zone out until 11:30pm while watching old Seinfeld episodes on netflix until you can’t keep your eyelids open. Stop that! How about you hop on the computer from 9pm-10pm, then spend time with your spouse, then go to bed early so you can get up at 5am. There’s another 5 hours a week of found time.

In total I just added another 22.5 hours a week you can use and repurpose to advance you and your family financially.

WAIT-WAIT-WAIT! I can already hear the excuses about to fly off the tip of your tongue as to why this won’t work for you!

Just hold on a sec. Take a deep breath. Let’s look at the big picture here:

What if you lived this way for just 6 months?

That’s it, every day you just got up early and hit it hard for 6 months.

That’s 540 hours of learning/researching/and working on your business.

540 hours is PLENTY of time to build a dropshipping business and replace your current income at your job. You can do anything with 540 hours! That’s a lot!

What if the “sacrifice” of getting up early, repurposing your idle time, and focusing on your business for just 6 months, created you enough income to escape your day job? What if in those 6 months you created a recurring 4k, 5k, 6k, a month?

Would it be worth it?

Absolutely it would.

I know of a school teacher who would get up at 3am to work until 6am on his side business, and then go teach at 7am. He’d go to bed at 9pm which still gives him 6 hours of sleep at night (plenty) and then get after it at 3am. After doing this for 6 months straight, he had built a business that brings in $6,000 a month and he then quit his day job.

I spent years (and often still do) of going to bed at 10pm and getting up at 4am. People call me crazy and say things like, “Oh I could never do that, you’re nuts!” “That won’t work for me, I’m just not a morning person…”

Is it a coincidence that those people who “don’t get it” are also the ones stuck in day jobs they hate? The ones living paycheck to paycheck, the “daytime zombies” of the corporate world. The ones that life just passes by, stuck in the mud of mediocrity.

While those of us who do take action, who do what it takes to build the businesses God put inside them, we are the ones who wake up everyday with a passion and excitement that’s beyond words. We are the ones living in financial blessing, buying other people’s meals, paying off cars for people, blessing the widows and the orphans, we are the ones who give thousands of dollars each month to our churches, ministries and outreaches. We are the ones who get to spend more time with family, our kids, and doing things in life that are truly important.

So when someone tells me their biggest issue is “they don’t have enough time” – I know that’s not their biggest issue.

Their biggest issue is they don’t want it bad enough.

The results you want are out there. They’re available to anyone.

But just know you’re going to have to do something different, IF you want to get different results.

Stay strong, you got this.


P.S. As your homework, I need you to read this blog post written by the famous blogger Jon Morrow. I pull it up and read it about once a year because it gives me the motivation and kick in the butt I need to keep going. I can guarantee it will be the most valuable thing you read all week:

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