Create a Simple Drop Shipping Business and Escape Your Day Job!

Over 70 million people in America alone say they hate their day jobs.

Not only do they hate their day jobs, but most are living paycheck to paycheck as well.

I can honestly say I was one of those 70+ million.

Just like you, I spent years dragging myself out of bed, day after day going to a soul-sucking job that I was NOT excited about. But deep down I knew there had to be more to life.

I would see people who were passionate about what they were doing. They had an excitement in their eyes that I knew wanted, but I didn't know how to get it.

I knew I didn't want to live like most people. I didn't want to spend 30 years at a job I can't stand in hopes to retire at 65 and THEN start living life.

I didn't want to keep living paycheck to paycheck just scraping by. Barely being able to pay my bills, and not be as generous as I would like.

I didn't want there to be limit to my income and I definitely didn't want to keep trading my time for dollars.

I didn't want to miss my kid's birthday parties, soccer practice or field trips.

I was at my breaking point. I knew something had to change and I knew it was up to me.

I went on a mission to learn about entrepreneurship and creating wealth. I devoured any books, blogs and videos I could get my hands on. I learned there were people out there who were creating simple online businesses using the method called drop shipping.

I learned I could build a simple drop shipping website even though I wasn't a "website guy." I learned I could start a dropship business with almost no money out of pocket, without inventory and without keeping stock on hand.

I put my head down and got after it! Driven by the dream of living a life of freedom, not being told by a boss what I could and couldn't do, and actually being excited about what I was working on. I began working on my first website.

Within my first two weeks, the most amazing thing happened. I looked at my phone and saw this:

I was in shock. Somebody had ACTUALLY bought my thing!

I'm telling you right now, at that second, my life changed.

From that point forward I found my passion and began building other online businesses and creating streams of income for me and my family. I then began coaching and helping others do the same.

Now we find ourselves in a place where quite often more money comes in one month, than we used to make all year!

In the years since, our drop shipping sites have grown and flourished. Both my wife and I have escaped our day jobs.

We live life on our terms, we have the freedom to work on projects we are excited about, we get serve at our church a lot and most importantly, we are able to be generous on a level beyond our wildest dreams.

It's now my mission to help you, guide you, and coach you to the business and lifestyle you've been dreaming about.

That's why I created the Escape Your Day Job Online Course and Community.

Why Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is the easiest and fastest way to start earning a simple online income.

With drop shipping it is possible to start making sales right away, vs. trying to build a large audience first.

A drop shipping business can be started with no out of pocket costs. You simply use your customer's money to purchase the goods you sell them.

With drop shipping there is no inventory or stock to hold.

In most cases you don't even have to handle the shipping!

How Does Drop Shipping Work?

  1. Customer purchases a product on your website. (Let's say for $350)
  2. You place an order with the supplier of that product. (for $150)
  3. The supplier ships the product straight to your customer.
  4. You keep the difference as profit. ($200)

eydj cover shot

This is the exact method I used when I got started and it now brings me in $20,000+ per month. 

Inside the community I'll show you ALL YOU NEED to find your product or idea, how to find your supplier, how to set up your website, take payments, even how to get your first sale!

What's Inside the Escape Your Day Job Community?

When you join the community you'll have instant access to:

  • The complete Escape Your Day Job online course and training library
  • Step by step guidance on starting and growing your drop shipping business
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs there to support you
  • Exclusive access to me as your guide and coach!
  • How to come up with your drop shipping idea and make sure it will be profitable
  • Video training on how to make a beautiful website in 1 day. (Even with no previous experience)
  • How to set up your drop ship products to sell and take credit card payments
  • Build an email list and communicate with potential customers
  • Run your first Facebook Ad
  • Marketing strategies and next steps
  • Website consultation (I'll look over your finished website and give you feedback and advice)
  • Peace of mind knowing that your drop shipping website is setup right and ready to generate income

Who is the Escape Your Day Job Community For?

  • Those who want to STOP living paycheck to paycheck and are fed up with just scraping by.
  • You have the entrepreneurial mindset. You have an idea, product to sell, or a passion you'd like to turn into a profit.
  • You're ambitious, you'll do whatever it takes, you're not a quitter.
  • Not afraid to learn something new if it means financial success down the line.
  • Those who know there is more to life than the way they are currently living.
  • People who want to increase financially, bless others and help build God's kingdom

The Escape Your Day Job Community and Course

is NOT For:

(No, it's not for everybody!)

  • Those who just want to "get rich quick" set it and forget it.
  • People who don't want to work, they just want sit back and be couch potatoes.
  • "Non-finishers" We'll get you on the road and in the right direction, you'll take the wheel from there.
  • Excuse makers. We will give you all you need (and a little more!) to get you on the path to making a side income.

Listen to What Our Community Members are Saying:

The Escape Your Day Job Course took all the guesswork out of learning how to build an online business. I wanted to sell my leather bags online for years but just never got started. I know have the tools I need to take my business to the next level! (Emily has since escaped her day job!)

Emily Blackburn

Take a Sneak - Peek Inside the Escape Your Day Job Course and Community:

Let's get you out of your day job and into a life you can be excited about!

It's time get started building your first drop shipping business.

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The Escape Your Day Job Community provides everything you need to succeed online in the shortest amount of time possible. I created the community because it's something I wish I would have had when I started. Personal coaching, accountability, training videos, lessons and of course the community of like minded entrepreneurs will shave years off your learning curve!

Travis Peters