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Module 1: Getting Started


How to use this course

First things first: Welcome!

Glad you're here. You've taken action and are on the right track to financial increase.

By starting a business on the side that you are passionate about and excited to work on will get you out of that paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, and movin' on up to the east side!

About this course:

I've made this course as easy and user friendly as possible.

My goal here is to give you the streamlined, laser focused version of creating an online income so that you can start as fast as possible.

I didn't go rent a high end studio to shoot the videos, (some of them look pretty rough-but the content is GREAT! So cut me some slack...hehe) I did them in my office from iphone and my computer screen. I'm not trying to be over the top, I just want to be real, transparent, and extremely helpful.

I cut out all the fluff and all the stuff you don't need to know so that I can get you to your desired results as fast as possible.

This course was built off of YOUR feedback. If you are on my email list then I provided several opportunities for you to let me know exactly what you wanted to see inside this course.

BOOM! This course was born!

My personal guarantee:

Here's the deal. I am NOT going to guarantee that you will make thousands of dollars your first month.

I'm not going to guarantee you'll escape your day job in the blink of an eye. (Though it has happened!)

All I can guarantee is that if you follow through with this course, learn what you need to learn and take the actions you need to take, then you will have a business that has the ability to generate revenue. You can then take that business, grow it, market it, and run with it as far as you'd like!

The results are going to be up to you. The more you put into this, and the longer you stick with it - the bigger your results.

You've heard me say it before:

I'll provide the knowledge.

You provide the hustle.

How to use this course:

Simply navigate down the training modules in order and either read or watch the articles, lessons and videos associated with that topic.

Yes, you can skip around but since my course is short, sweet, and to the point, I highly recommend you do them in order so that you'll get a full understanding from A-Z.

Simply click the navigational bars and they will open up to reveal that particular lesson.

Follow my example:

A good chunk of this course is based around me using the "dropship" business model with a new product: The T-Shirt Cannon.

I'll show you how I came up with the idea, validated the idea, and found a supplier for the product. (I guess I'm leaving myself open for you to copy me...but I trust ya!)

I'll use this example for pricing your product and reverse engineering $500 a month profit and more.

I want you to copy my formula and use it on a product of your own. (This formula is what I used to start my first business and has proved extremely lucrative)

*Note: Throughout the course you will see the companies I personally I use and recommend. In some cases I like them so much I've become an affiliate for them! This means that each time I refer someone to their product or service I get a small commission from that company. (At NO extra cost to you) In this course as you'll see, I am an affiliate for Hostgator and Weebly. They have my stamp of approval. (You do NOT have to use them, they're just who I recommend)

Quick Tip: Access this course from your phone

If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, you can easily pull up The Fast Track to $500 course on your phone and read through or listen to the lessons.

Here's how to add an Escape Your Day Job icon to your home screen on your iphone (I'm sure android phones are similar)

Step 1: Click the center button at the bottom of the webpage.

Step 2: Click Add to Home Screen

add to home 2

Then you can name it whatever you'd like. Mine says EYDJ (Escape Your Day Job)

Now onto the next lesson!

Marketing terms you need to know:

Here are some terms and phrases you'll need to know now that you are entering the world of an online entrepreneur!

Above the fold: The part of the website page you can see without scrolling down or over.

Affiliate marketing: A type of internet marketing in which you partner with other websites, individuals, or companies to send traffic to your site.

Blog: Stands for for Web log. It's kind of a journal on a website. Usually the newest post appears at the top of the page.

Click Through Rate(CTR): This is a marketing term determining how many people click your ad, link, or email and continue on to your content or offer.

Content Marketing: This is a business model where you use your content to draw in new and recurring visitors. Such as a fashion blog that you updated with the latest celebrity outfits. The sites are usually monetized through advertisements that visitors will click on.

Conversion rate: This statistic, or metric, tells you what percentage of people is converting. The definition of “conversion” depends upon your goals and measurements. It could mean a sign up for free information, a completed survey, a purchase made, or other.

Cookie: When you a visit a website, it can stick a "tracer" aka a cookie, on your browser and follow you around. These are good things. They keep track of your passwords etc, but also allow you to show your ads to customers interested in your product.

Domain name: You website's main address. Such as EscapeYourDayJob.com

eCommerce: The ability to make purchases on line. An online store

Email list: These are the people who want to know more about your product, brand or company. Email lists are extremely valuable and you want to get one started from the beginning. This will be your main line of communication with your potential and current customers.

Google Analytics: This is a free program Google offers to help you track the stats of your website on the backend. Like how many people visited your site this month, where they came from etc.

HTML: HyperText Markup Language.  This is the programming language on the backend of your website.  When people talk about "coding" they're often referring the HTML.

Hosting: A hosting company is where you website "lives" in the internet.

Landing Page: This is the first page a person sees when they land on your website either from an advertisement or a link. These are very important pages on your website and usually include a clear call to action you want your customer to take.

Niche: This is your narrowed down topic for your website. Example: You want to sell high end golf clubs. Your "niche" could then be: I want to sell high end, left-handed, golf clubs to women. Often the more focused and targeted your niche is, the better success you'll have.

Opt-in: These are people who have signed up for your email list, coupon, or offer.

Opt-in Bribe: The free offer you exchange for someone's email address. You probably got opted-in to our email list in exchange for one of our Free Quick Start Guides.

Pop-Up: These will "pop-up" on your screen prompting you to sign up for an email list, a coupon, a special offer etc. They can abused, but they can also be done tastefully in a way that provides value.

Responsive: This means your website responds to the size of screen the visitor is using. Your website will resize and look good on a laptop, desktop, phone, or ipad. A responsive design is a must nowadays.

SEO: aka Search Engine Optimization. This is how you make your site "search engine friendly."  You want your website to have good SEO so that you are more easily found in Google. This can get complex but the way to get started is to have certain key words and phrases related to your niche in your website's copy.

URL: Uniform Resource Locator. These are the letters and symbols that make up the address of specific Web pages. This page’s URL is https://escapeyourdayjob.com/fast-track-home/

Wantrepreneur: Someone who is wanting to be an entrepreneur. You have the desire and the dream, but haven't put anything into action yet. You're still in the pre-start phase. As soon as you get your site up and running and make your first sale - then BOOM! You transform from a wantrepreneur into an Entrepreneur! It's a rite of passage.

Before I start, do I setup an LLC? Get a Tax ID? Do I incorporate? Trademarks?

This is something I see too many first time entrepreneurs get hung up on.

I'll make is real easy for you...The answer is NO.

At least, not yet.

You do not need to go and spend hundreds of dollars and hours of your time creating an LLC, S-Corp, or anything like that.

Later on, AFTER YOU HAVE A BUSINESS WITH MONEY COMING IN, then you can explore those things.

I've seen it over and over again, would-be entrepreneurs get so hung up on getting the "perfect name" for their LLC, or the name they had their heart set on isn't available so they can't decide on another name, and they go back and forth, back and forth and then they NEVER START!

Seriously, there are businesses that were never born because people didn't get the name they wanted...Aye!

You'll hear me say over and over the key to fast success is starting fast. I'll remind you of that throughout this entire course.

Just start. You don't need an LLC to start, you don't need a Tax ID to start, they won't help you on your yearly taxes until you're making around 40k profit from your new business. (That's my experience anyway)

In a few rare cases, in order to buy products at wholesale prices, (if that's the business model you're going for) a company may require a Tax ID. (Which you can learn more about at www.irs.gov) But I've found 9 out of 10 will let you use your social security number to start with.  If you can get a Tax ID without it holding up the production of your website and launching your business then go for it.

Do I need to trademark my business name?

Again, you can explore that if you want, but ONLY if doesn't hinder you in anyway from starting. I know people are afraid that someone might steal your product name but I've NEVER seen that happen. I've seen wantrepreneurs get hung up on this too. They can't afford to get a trademark, so while they're saving up money to protect their business name, other people who are fast to start - go and start their businesses!

Just don't get hung up on the details, let's keep moving forward every day.

*Disclaimer: I'm definitely not a tax professional. I encourage you to call one if you have any questions or concerns at all. My goal with this article is to make sure you don't get hung up on the details when they don't matter yet.

What are the costs associated with with launching my first business?

Here's what is great about starting an online business: You can start and launch your business for very little out of pocket expenses.

This is a new way of thinking for entrepreneurs. Back in the day if you wanted to start a business you had to go rent a building, buy a truck, buy signage, buy large amounts of product and hope they sell...etc.

You'd often be out a minimum of tens of thousands of dollars. Well not anymore!

To get started you'll need: (We'll go more into these topics later)

  • To buy a domain name: $12-$17 a year
  • To purchase hosting: $10 a month
  • You may need to purchase some products or materials depending on your business (But I'll show you how I got around this)
  • You may also want to upgrade your Weebly website which can be $5-$20 a month (I'll be teaching you how to use Weebly's free website builder to start your first website)
  • Logo design: $5 (This is optional for starting and I'll show you how to get a professional logo for just $5)

Now, through Weebly's website builder, you can actually get around buying a domain name and hosting and essentially start your business for literally zero dollars. (More on this later)

But I'll explain to you in future lessons why you'll want to buy a domain name and purchase hosting.

Depending on your business there will definitely be more things you can purchase to make your business better and run more smoothly. I started my business with the absolute bare bones and then used the revenue generated to make my website and business better. This is what I recommend to you as well unless you have some extra cash you've set aside for this.

Later on in the course I'll recommend some paid tools I personally use and you can decide if you want to implement them as well.

The realities of running your own online business:

The Progression of an Online Entrepreneur:

Thanks to what you read on the internet, here is what you tell yourself it's like to run an online business:


While there can be a little bit of that (after a long while!) this is what running an online business will look like for you:

1.You do some brainstorming. You look around getting ideas of what you want to sell.


2. You then spend the next week trying to figure out how to make a website, take payments, and get people to buy your product. This is you preparing to launch your business.


3. You finally get your site up and running! It looks pretty good! Now it's been a week and you still haven't gotten your first sale...


4. You start double guessing your business idea, wondering if you made a mistake, maybe you should just forget this whole thing and try to make yourself passionate about working at your day job again...


5. But then, when you're just about to give up, it happens...Your first sale!


6. You instantly transform into:

Woman shopping on New York City street

7. Another week goes by, and your first sale, turns out to be your ONLY sale.


8. You start doing more research, you listen to podcasts, you pray and seek the Lord, you get an idea how to tweak your business model, pricing, and product. The low and behold: Sales. They finally start coming! You feel like this:


9. Your business starts rocking and rolling. You're getting the hang of this, you see it as a challenge. You know others have done this, so you can too! Hey, this new way of life is pretty fun!


10. You keep tweaking, you keep improving, you keep learning, and you keep making progress! The longer you stick with it and continue to put effort into your business, your sales (and quality of life) continue to climb and climb.

Most of your days now look like this:


You're running your business from home, doing what you need to do, you're making it happen, you spend more time with family, and you ACTUALLY ENJOY your work! You look forward to opening up that laptop and seeing what adventures today holds!

Sure, there are still going to be many, many, more days like this:


But you've become a master problem solver now. Problems are simply just challenges you are going to overcome.

You've learned that everything is figureoutable. It's a part of this lifestyle.

Yes, you have more responsibility, issues, and potential headaches than most people you know, but the rewards of online business are MORE THAN worth the trouble and effort it took to get here.

You stick with it, you enjoy your life every single day, you're bringing in more money than you thought you would. You're providing the life for your family that you never had growing up. And your business is helping and blessing others as well.

And soon, if you don't quit, yes you will indeed get to do a little bit of this:


I know I was trying to be a little humorous there. But I want you to have a realistic expectation of what it's like to run an online business.

Like anything worth having, IT TAKES WORK to get it. This isn't easy, but it IS fun. It IS exciting, and the rewards are worth it.

Not just financially, but the time freedom, and especially for me, the reward of getting to spend my time working on the things God has put on my heart. (Like this course!)

If you weren't putting your full focus and attention to starting your business, then you'd be putting your focus and effort on your day job.

Here's the difference:

Your day job only pays you when you are there.

Your business pays you no matter what.

If you're going to invest your life energy into something, it might as well be your own business.

Inspiration: The Friday Night Manifesto

Friday nights.

Some look forward to Friday nights as though it’s THE reason they worked all week. It’s a time for them to sit back and relax, go to a party, or veg out in front of the TV.

But not for us.

Not for us entrepreneurs. Friday nights into the weekend are different for us.

We see them as a hope.

They represent potential. We know there is a possibility that what we do this weekend could get us out of our day jobs.

It’s our window of opportunity to hustle, get ahead, produce, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, we create the business that takes us to the land of freedom we've been dreaming about.

Friday night is our night to fight for freedom.

If you are reading this and don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s okay. You will understand soon enough.

But most of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about.

Let your friends go and hang out. There will be a time and place for that in the near future. But for now, we will use this time to learn, advance, produce, and take new ground towards our dreams.

Your friends will hassle you, they'll give you a hard time, wanting you to join them on a night out. But you know something they don't know. You have something they don't have. You have ambition, you have drive, you have what it takes to create the life you've always wanted. You're going to get direction from God, dive into your online business, and not come up for air until you're done.

Just know you're not alone in this. Thousands of entrepreneurs around the world are sitting behind their computers just like you. Working just like you, ignoring text messages trying to distract them from making progress...Keep at it, with God's direction and help you will enjoy this season now, and later, when the benefits begin to roll in.

Stay strong and get after it!


Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Your Big Idea


Module 3: Website

Module 4: Marketing Time

Module 5: Next Steps

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