The Drop Shipper’s Roadmap

By July 11, 2016Dropshipping

Hey guys!

Travis here from Escape Your Day Job and of course, and I wanted to give you a simple 5 step roadmap you can follow to get started on your first profitable drop shipping website.

As most of you know by now, drop shipping is what has allowed my wife and I to live the life of financial freedom (not to mention fun and excitement!) we’ve always dreamed about.

Over the years we’ve grown our business to surpass 20k a month which allows us to spend more time with family, friends and serve at our church. Doing the things we enjoy and working on projects we are passionate about. (Like helping others escape their day jobs!)

Use this graphic below as your roadmap to get started on this crazy fun adventure. Then sign up below for our Free Guide and get all the details and step by step walkthroughs on creating your first profitable drop shipping site:

The Dropship Roadmap

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These are the basic steps I’ve used over the years to create simple drop shipping sites, some bringing in more than $20,000 per month.

The beauty of drop shipping is how easy it is to start, how little startup money is required, you don’t need to keep inventory on hand, and it’s also the business model that is fastest to profits.

If you’re interested in getting started in this online business model, learning exactly how drop shipping works, and want to have access to all the detailed steps on how to come up with your idea, test it, find the RIGHT suppliers, build your site and drive targeted traffic to it, then sign up below for our Free Guide on how to start a profitable dropshipping business in your spare time:

Want to create a simple drop shipping business and Escape Your Day Job?

Travis Peters is the founder of, the online course that walks you step by step through the exact same formula he used to build a simple drop shipping site that brings in 20k per month. It's also home to the EscapeYourDayJob Community which gives you access to other like minded entrepreneurs, as well as personal coaching from Travis himself. Click here for a guided tour of the EscapeYourDayJob Course and Community.

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