I’m going to help you START.

I’ll show you what your next steps should be to make starting your business both painless and profitable.

Let's fine tune your business idea and develop your fast action plan.

We're going to do do three main things during this session:

  • Determine¬†if your business idea is profitable.¬†(Or how to make it profitable)
  • If you don't have an idea, we'll help you discover a great one
  • Develop a strategy to get you started and making money as fast as possible.
  • Come up with the next steps of your marketing plan to get your first sale and keep the stream of new visitors coming.

I am currently scheduling 30 minute sessions, usually on Thursdays. After your call, you will walk away with:

  1. A profitable business idea you can run with
  2. The pricing plan for your product
  3. Solid direction on what to do next
  4. Marketing plan to get your first customer
  5. Strategy on how to keep customers coming to your site

Book a Strategy Session:

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